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May 25th, 2017  The Battle of Nashville – John Bell Hood’s Last Hurrah!  Presented by L. Lokesansky

June 29th, 2017   Social Evening, Book Swap and our popular Pop Quiz…


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16 Rowley Avenue Nepean, ON

Usual monthly meetings: 7:30 p.m. on the last Thursday of the month, excluding July and August.  (members gather between 7-7:30)

Nepean Museum building, 16 Rowley Avenue.


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So why would a Canadian group be interested in the American Civil War?

Antietam Monument. Photo courtesy Conrad Laplant CWRT Ottawa.

One reason connects to an old thought that two of the most important episodes in Canadian history are the American Revolution and the American Civil War.

The American Revolution is important to Canadians, of course, notably because (a) we ended up harbouring the “Tories” (or Loyalists) who did a good deal to shape the country, and (b) because it meant we ended up living next to a young giant.

Dunker Church at Antietam. Photo courtesy Conrad Laplant CWRT Ottawa.

The  reasons why the American Civil War is important to us are more subtle, but one is that the sudden expansion of U.S. armed strength, combined with the decline in Britain’s ability (or motivation) to defend its distant colonies, was a main motivation in our move to Confederation. Other reasons include our role in the last days of American slavery, and our experience as the base for several Southern attacks on the North.

Beyond these special reasons, the American Civil War is of great interest to people who like history. It’s packed with drama—with despair and triumph and the ironies of war between former friends—often family members.

Barbara Fritchie House, Frederick, Maryland. Photo by Conrad Laplant, CWRT Ottawa

It is also offers an extraordinary wealth of material on how history is formed: on the creation of myth, on trends in historical interpretation, on the gaps between belief and reality. Few episodes in history have been so thoroughly studied—and so often misinterpreted.

Because of these factors, and others, a small group of Civil War readers (by no means experts) meets monthly in Ottawa to share results of their readings, online searches and other explorations on the Civil War. Its sessions are low-key and informal, usually preceded by a meal in a neighbourhood pub. It tolerates and encourages a considerable range of views, and welcomes new members.

[Written by Carman Cumming, cwrtottawa]

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